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Welcome to the Digital World of Dentistry...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Everyone is an expert on digital matters. My 12-years old son is often my tutor in helping me navigate through the smart phone, iPads, and desktop gadgets...

In my professional life, I am seeing tremendous impact that the digital technology has on everyday practice.

Most of the dental restorations - from crowns, onlays and inlays - are being milled using computer aided design concept.

This case is of my long time patient Maryvonne. Her old bridge on the lower right was failing due to caries. She needed implants to replace the poor teeth. Utilizing digital planning, the procedure was simplified and streamlined - two bad teeth removed, and three implants placed within 2 hours with amazing accuracy.

Once the implants are ready for the crowns, digital technology will be put to good use again. This time, the abutment and crowns will be designed, and milled to perfection using virtual design, and milling.

Come find out how you can benefit from this contemporary technology at Dentistry @ Tiffany View

Call for an appointment at 714-709-8028

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