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So proud of my son, Justin...

My oldest son, Justin, just received acceptances at more than half a dozen dental schools. It is immensely joyful of course, but at the same time conjured many memories in my life.

My father was a dentist practicing in south Korea. Although he had a very successful career, my schooling was not easy as I was the youngest of 8 siblings. My mother had passed away when I was born, and my father was too busy to take care of the youngest one.

As soon as I had an opportunity to study in the US, I had dreamt of my own American Dream - to have a family and be able raise children who would have the best opportunities at education in this great country.

Grandpa will be very proud of you, Justin Kim!

Go Justin! There is a great big world out there. Be the best dentist you can ever possibly become!!!

Love, mom!!!

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