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Wonder how porcelain veneers are made?

Porcelain veneers are very conservative, thin dental restorations, hand made by firing porcelain just like fine china. It requires small amount of the tooth structure to be shaped and for the veneers to be glued directly onto the tooth.

This is a case done in my practice. A young patient, Angelica, was not happy with the heavy display of her gums upon smiling. Her teeth looked kind of short - what is commonly described as "gummy smiles." A surgery was carried out by Dr. Jin Kim, board-certified periodontist of Diamond Bar, CA. This surgery provided the basis for forming porcelain veneers with the ideal proportions. Front teeth are deemed pretty when they are 10-15% taller than wider. In this case the teeth were "boxy" or square, rather than being "slender" or tall.

The patient was very satisfied with the outcome.

Please call 626-443-7792 to see if you could benefit from porcelain veneers!

Connie Kyung Hye Choi, DDS

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